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Guidry Liason Group Inc. MBE FIRM consists of various business units that supply Bulk and CPG packaged products for the USDA – USAID feeding programs and has completed $ 185 Million + United States Federal Contracts. The firm has over 49 years of international business experience and is a graduate of the Small Business Administration SBA (8A) business development program.
Additionally, the firm has various Strategic Partnership : I need to list the following companies :

SVG Export and Import

SVG Sea Moss

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Business Consultant

Based on our knowledge of the business landscapes and political realities in key emerging markets, the Liason International team provides our clients with a broad range of advisory services designed to address the conditions of a particular location and to optimize deal structure to yield the optimal market entry results.

Our experts are uniquely capable of assembling and managing the expertise required to evaluate, plan, design, and execute projects of any complexity. Liason International keen knowledge of specific economies and executive briefings give our private sector clients a strategic road map for charting effective entries into Africa, India and the Middle East.

Liason International engages in substantial market analysis to ensure that the economies of each country we recommend for investment are ready to effectively and efficiently use any direct investment we may advise our clients to undertake.  Our team, in concert with partners with whom we may collaborate, ensures that we develop a strategic vision for each project that takes into consideration political and social circumstances of the nation in which the project is planned. We conduct high-quality and objective assessments and industry analysis to support informed decision-making by our clients and other industry stakeholders.

Because of our close contacts with decision-makers as well as our knowledge and understanding of the regions and economies, Liason International is able to more accurately predict growth size and future growth, profitability, infrastructure/distribution costs, market trends and the keys factors for success.

Peter Guidry


Master of Business Administration, Saint Mary’s College

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, California State University

Professional Affiliations

Member, The 100 Blackmen of America 

peter guidry
Guidry Liason Group

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Guidry Liason Group Inc. consists of various business units that supply durable, non-durable goods, bulk and processed agricultural products, pet industry goods, animal and human supplements.
The firm has over 40 years of International business experience, and is a Graduate of the Small Business Administration SBA (8A) business development program.

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Guidry International
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